FrontierVille Pioneer Trail Sneak Peek: Trader Bart on Avalanche Pass

FrontierVille Pioneer Trail Trader Bart
FrontierVille Pioneer Trail Trader Bart

As we begin to pass the halfway point to the long-awaited Pioneer Trail expansion release, Zynga teases us once more with this FrontierVille screen shot. It's of a new face, Trader Bart, a man who will be waiting for us on the Avalanche Pass. It looks as if we'll be needing more help than our friends can provide, as Bart will be able to sell players items for use on the trail.

And, judging by his horse's illustrious hair do, I'd say it would be alright to take Bart on his word. I mean, any guy who can style his horse that way must know something about something, no? But just don't hang around his cart for too long, unless you want to get buried again. (Is this hinting toward movement being a gameplay consideration? Possibilities!)

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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