FarmVille Vineyard Buildings: Tasting Room and Wine Cellar bring sophistication to the barnyard


Tonight's FarmVille update brought with it a set of buildings in the new Vineyard theme that aren't just for adults. The new Tasting Room and Wine Cellar may deal with wine and alcohol, but hey - it's just a game! Unfortunately, the prices of these buildings are likely to leave a sour taste in your mouth, as they're both premium.

The Tasting Room costs 20 Farm Cash and rewards you with 2,000 XP for purchasing it, while the Wine Cellar is a slightly larger building that costs more to match: 25 Farm Cash, to be exact (you'll receive, you guessed it, 2,500 XP for your purchase).

What's odd here is that while there are new buildings, animals, and even decorations in this Vineyard theme, there aren't any trees (thus far)! Hopefully Zynga will rectify this oversight (granted, it was likely intentional) soon, and we'll make sure to let you know either way if they do.

Will you purchase either of these Vineyard buildings for your farm? Do you like your farm to look more sophisticated and refined, or fun and a bit whacky? Sound off in the comments.