FarmVille French Animal Mystery Game (07/24/11): Win them all and earn a Unicorn for free


This week's FarmVille Mystery Game has launched, with this game containing a series of French-themed animals, including a unicorn, which is sure to make a large portion of farmers go nuts with excitement (as they're one of the most popular kinds of animals in the game). However, the way to earn this unicorn is actually different, as a huge change as come to the way we play Mystery Games.

You see, in order to win the French Unicorn from this week's game, you first need to win all six of the other animals available in the game, at which point you'll be given the Unicorn for "free." Let's make this a bit clearer - even if you were to be so extremely lucky as to win each of the six animals on your first try, without wasting any darts, you'll still need to spend 120 Farm Cash (this week's game costs 20 Farm Cash per dart) to end up with the Unicorn. Go right ahead and get angry about that one - I'm sure you're not alone.

As it stands, here are the six animals you'll end up with if you go for it:

Alpine Ibex
Black Percheron (horse)
European Boar
French Bulldog
Gallic Rooster
Raccoon Dog

Personally, the Gallic Rooster is one of the prettiest animals I've seen in the game in quite some time, and that Raccoon Dog is so cute that I could squeal, so while there are some cute items in this week's game, I'm not so sure that the French Unicorn is worth the hassle (and cost) of earning them all, especially in a single week's time. I know there are plenty of farmers that will play along though, and to them I wish good luck. Let us know how it goes!

Will you be throwing any darts at this week's Mystery Game board? Which of the six animals did you win? Which animal were you actually hoping to receive? Will you try to earn all six for the free French Unicorn? Let us know in the comments.

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