FarmVille: More Farm Aides bundles now available for Farm Cash


While FarmVille farmers have had the opportunity to purchase items like cans of Fuel, Animal Feed, and even Fertilize All (among other "Farm Aides") from the store for some time now, if you're looking to spend even more Farm Cash on larger bulk purchases (or perhaps purchase something that's "in between" two that are already available) you now can, as Zynga has released a whole series of new "buy more and save" bundles in the store.

As you might have guessed, some of these bundles are incredibly expensive, so don't get too excited right off of the bat. Here's what's available:

80 Fuel Refills - 85 Farm Cash
7 Turbo Chargers - 14 Farm Cash
5 Farmhands - 20 Farm Cash
5 Fertilize All - 20 Farm Cash
5 Arborists - 15 Farm Cash
15 Love Potions - 28 Farm Cash
10 Animal Feed - 5 Farm Cash
45 Bottles - 35 Farm Cash
20 Bottles - 16 Farm Cash
15 Watering Cans - 10 Farm Cash

Of course, the value of each of these packages can really only truly be determined by you, the players. If you're a big sheep or pig breeder, you might look at those Love Potion and Bottle bundles as bargains, but someone who's more interested in crop mastery might be willing to purchase the Fuel Refills instead. Sure, buying any of these items is completely voluntary, but I suppose if anything, it's nice to have more options, right?

Will you purchase any of these Farm Aide bundles, or will you save your Farm Cash for decorations, animals and the like? Sound off in the comments.