Disney Alaska Cruise: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Flannel

Disney Cruise Line

The third and final stop on this Alaskan adventure is Ketchikan, where passengers will get a taste of Alaska's native history and a dose of local celebrity.

At Potlach Park, a re-created native settlement, visitors can learn the ancient art of totem carving. Master Carver Brita Alander, demonstrates how these massive poles served as a form of communication. Here, kids have a chance to get in on the act and work on a real totem. Each can personalize a scale or feather that will become part of Alander's sea monster pole, made just for DCL guests.

Next, wrap yourself up in flannel and head to The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show to get a little rowdy. The hour-long show harks back to the turn of the 20th century when Ketchikan was a hub for the timber trade. Lumberjacks demonstrate competitions of skill and brawn like chopping, sawing, log-rolling and speed climbing. A few lucky Disney guests will even get a chance to blow off some steam by participating in the events.

Before heading back to the ship, take a spin on a crabbing boat – a celebrity one at that. The Aleutian Ballad was featured on TLC's "Deadliest Catch," but also takes Disney guests on a not-so-dangerous cruise during which guests can get up close and personal with local sea life.

Check out our Ketchikan video below – don't everyone rush to book their cruises all at once!
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