CityVille Weather Station offers a big boost to your town's maximum population


Do your city limits in CityVille feel like they're closing in way too fast? Do you need to add more citizens to your town's maximum population, but don't want to spend time building one of every community building available? If so, you'll be happy to know that a single building, released today, will likely offer you enough of a maximum population boost to last you for quite some time.

The Weather Station can be purchased from the game's store for 70,000 coins, so long as you are above level 48. From there, you'll have the task of whacking the base 13 times (and using just as much valuable energy) to finish its frame. While the Weather Station offers 1,400 citizens to your maximum allowed population, your stat won't rise immediately, as there's still work to be done to finish the building off. Specifically, you'll need to collect a set of building materials, some of which are new to this building (that is, they're themed appropriately).

Altogether, you'll need to collect eight each of Thermometers, Building Grants, Weather Balloons, Barometers and City Seals. You can earn these items either by purchasing them individually for City Cash, or by asking your friends to send you each item as you'd expect.

For its average size, the Weather Station packs quite a punch, but is also unlikely to break your bank account, which is definitely a good thing. I started right away on building one in my city - will you do the same?

What do you think of this Weather Station? Will you build one in your town, or do you like the more fun and whimsical community buildings, rather than something so modern or scientific? Sound off in the comments.