Cafe World School Lunch Catering Order: Everything you need to know


With August quickly approaching, that can only mean one thing! School is almost back in session, and to help everyone get into the mood, Zynga has launched the "Cater a School Lunch" Catering Order in Cafe World, rewarding you with a new recipe - Fish Sticks - if you complete it fast enough.

This order has five tasks required of you, three of which deal with cooking. You'll need to serve Fiery Fish Tacos (a two-hour dish) 225 times, Corndogs (a one-hour dish) 55 times, and Tony's Classic Pizza (a five-hour dish) 50 times. Surprisingly enough, all of these dishes have relatively short cooking times, especially when compared to other Catering Orders, which normally contain at least one dish that takes more than a day to cook.

On top of these three dishes, you'll also need to collect two items in bulk: 14 Apron and 16 Hair Nets (what's a self-respecting cafeteria chef without their hair net?!). If you can finish all five of these tasks within a three day period, you'll receive the three star rating and prizes galore: 10 Catering Points, 3,500 Cafe Points, 75,000 coins and the Fish Sticks recipe. Honestly, this is one of the easier Catering Orders to complete, especially if you ask for help from the 13 friends you can share your progress with on this one.

If, for whatever reason, you can't finish in under three days, but you still complete this order in under five, you'll receive just two stars, 6 Catering Points, 2,500 Cafe Points and 50,000 coins. Finally, finishing this order at any point after the first five days rewards you with a single star, 3 Catering Points, 1,500 Cafe Points and 30,000 coins. Make sure to keep track of your time remaining if you're a recipe collector, chefs; you'll only receive the Fish Sticks recipe for finishing within the three star time frame.

For everything we can complain about in Cafe World, I'll gladly take a break from the hectic goals and building projects for this relatively easy catering order (all things considered). Won't you join me?

Will you complete the School Lunch catering order in Cafe World? Do you find it easier than other catering orders, or is it about the same? Sound off in the comments.