Buy FrontierVille Horseshoes, score some sweet gifts for a limited time


Is there really any other way to present virtual goods these days other than with more free virtual goods? Zynga obviously hasn't found that alternative yet, so it presses on with FrontierVille offers for Horseshoes that come with enticing little items.

When players purchase certain amounts of Horseshoes, Zynga will reward their generosity with things like Food, Boosts and even gobs of XP for the heavy-handed folks. Here are all three offers:

  • 40 Horseshoes ($5 value) -- 2 extra Meals

  • 180 Horseshoes ($20 value) -- 30 Animal Ready Boosts and 1 Beef Jerky

  • 1,050 Horseshoes ($100 value) -- Mystery Animal, Boosts and a Book of Experience

In our "expert" opinion, we'd say that the $20 option is the biggest steal. (Well, aside from its price.) Considering Beef Jerky, which costs 27 Horseshoes alone, comes in the bundle and XP can be gained any time, you're best bet is to drop 20 clams. That is, if you're willing to drop any clams, really.

FrontierVille Horseshoes offers
FrontierVille Horseshoes offers

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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