Angry Birds maker soars into lawsuit with Lodsys over patent violation

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

Golly, what have the Angry Birds crashed their impervious beaks into now? Oh ... really? That's a bummer. The Telegraph reports that Rovio, the Finnish developer of the infamous Angry Birds games, is facing a patent violation lawsuit from Lodsys. The Texan company alleges that Rovio has violated a patent filed by Lodsys regarding how players purchase levels from within the game.

According to the Telegraph, the control of this alleged in-app payment system has limited several European game developers from launching stateside, but not Rovio. The developer sells millions daily on everything from purchases of the game to Angry Birds plush dolls.

So, it's understandable why a company with such a patent would want to probe that a bit. In fact, the Telegraph reports that the lawsuit has scared lots of European mobile game developers from the US App Store. We've contacted both parties for comment.

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