FarmVille White Mustang Lonely Animal: Everything you need to know


A new feature has launched in FarmVille this evening in the form of a lonely, lost White Mustang that will appear on your farm the next time you login. You'll see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen, and can click on the "Check it Out" button to see the White Mustang, which has actually been placed outside of your farm's limits (where billboards would show up otherwise).

From the time the Mustang arrives, you'll have a period of three days to ask five friends to help you "coax" the Mustang onto you farm, so that you can keep it forever. Asking your friends is achieved through individual friend requests, rather than a wall post. If you aren't able to complete this task in time, you can pay Farm Cash to keep the Mustang instead, or, you can simply pay 20 Farm Cash at any time if you'd rather not ask your friends for help.

Either way, once you've unlocked the White Mustang it will be yours without any further work, and can be found in your Gift Box. It can be placed inside your Horse Stable, and can be bred.

What's even more exciting about this feature is what can potentially happen in the future. Zynga has told us that after 14 days, we'll apparently be given the ability to find another lonely animal on our farm, meaning that this might be the start of an on-going feature. Hopefully, each of these lonely animals is completely new to the game, as it would definitely keep us asking friends for help for a long time to come.

What do you think? Would you continue to use this kind of feature, even if it relied almost entirely on your friends (that is, unless you want to pay Farm Cash), just to earn exclusive animals? Sound off in the comments.