FarmVille Marans Chicken Mystery Egg: What's inside?


Late last week, Zynga launched the Marans Chicken as part of the current Parisian limited edition item theme in FarmVille. At a price of 20 Farm Cash, the chicken definitely isn't cheap, so you might be interested in learning what you could potentially find from opening one of its eggs (that is, what you could give away to friends, or what they could give back to you if they had purchased one as well). Well, FVNation has figured out the prize list for the Marans Chicken, but unfortunately, it's nothing to get excited about.

Here's what's inside:

Old English Hen
Dorking Chicken
Silkie Chicken
Clover chicken
Scots Grey Chicken
Cornish Chicken
Butler Gnome
Town Fountain
English Bench

Does that list seem familiar? It should, as the contents are those found in many other eggs, and specifically the English Mystery Egg. The biggest problem here isn't so much that there aren't tons of new items here (or any), but the simple fact that you apparently can't earn more Marans Chickens from a Marans Chicken Mystery Egg (as of this writing) is disappointing at best, and a deal breaker at worst. Is the chicken worth a purchase, at 20 Farm Cash, if you can only earn these old items by opening its eggs?

Hopefully additional items will be added to the egg, and if we find out that's the case, we'll make sure to let you know.

Are you disappointed in this Mystery Egg's contents? What other items would you rather see given out in eggs instead? Sound off in the comments.