Six Gun Galaxy brings a violent, dreary wild west to Facebook


Six Gun Galaxy from KlickNation sees you creating a character in a post-apocalyptic world on Facebook, where you're left to rebuild a town and help other survivors in various towns by completing quests. The storyline is filled with the expected elements from the theme. A war has devastated the planet, leaving military men feeling responsible and outlaws to feel they can ravage what's left. The average citizen needs your help with hunting for food from the wild animals that roam even the cities' streets, and while cash is still a factor, objects like tobacco have been given just as much value in society.

While Six Gun Galaxy contains a theme that's not overly common for Facebook games, the gameplay itself doesn't really revolutionize the city-building or quest-based adventure genres. You'll have your own town to build, starting with nothing but a home and Blacksmith's shop. You can add new items like Laundry Facilities or Gun Shops, and also add decorations and roads to customize the look of your town even more. Buildings payout profits over time, including cash and experience points, along with Iron, which is another form of "currency" used for building additional buildings.

Apart from the game's city-building aspect, an even larger portion of the game is dedicated to traveling from town to town (more locations unlock as you level up) and completing quests for the locals. You'll have to gather and trade supplies at the Market, help chase off wild animals, deliver items to different locations, and so on. Combat comes into play fairly early on, as you'll fight bandits in term-based battles by simply clicking on their avatars on the map. Unfortunately, there doesn't look to be a way to tell exactly how strong an enemy is before entering combat, so you very well may end up on the losing end before you can even pull out your weapon. Luckily, you can turn the tides of battle by having teammates join you along the way (teammates can be purchased with cash), or by upgrading your character with new equipment and weapons.

As you might expect, most every action in the game requires energy, which therefore runs out far more quickly than you might like. You can collect food from wild animals and then spend that food on energy refills, or spend Platinum, the game's premium currency.


While each location in the game has a specific amount of quests available to complete, you can play the game with relative freedom, only undertaking quests when you really feel like it. The rest of the time can be spent tracking down wild animals, goods to trade, building up your own city, and so on, completely outside of pushing the story forward. Of course, that can only last you for so long, so we hope that more quests will continually be added to Six Gun Galaxy in the future to keep us coming back for more.

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Have you tried Six Gun Galaxy on Facebook? What do you think of frontier-based games on Facebook? Does the fact that this game is actually post-apocalyptic, rather than simply "old" influence your likelihood to play it? Let us know in the comments.