FarmVille: Convert Farm Cash to coins in the store


In what can only be described as a "backwards" release, Zynga has released the ability to convert your Farm Cash to coins in FarmVille's store. You'll find this new ability in the "Farm Aides" tab, and will see that currently, three options are available to turn anywhere from two to 100 Farm Cash into coins. Here are the packages that are available:

2 Farm Cash --> 1,000 coins
15 Farm Cash --> 10,000 coins
100 Farm Cash --> 100,000 coins

Am I the only one that thinks this system should be in the reverse? Are there really that many farmers that will choose to "waste" Farm Cash on coins, when there are plenty of different ways to earn coins on our own, for free? Shouldn't we be allowed to turn our coins into Farm Cash instead? Now that's a system I'd get behind.

If we're holding out hope, it could be that Zynga is first releasing this method, and will then release the reverse sometime in the future, but then again, that isn't very practical from a business standpoint. If anything, the coins to Farm Cash system would likely see us receiving so little Farm Cash for so many coins as to make it not even worth it. Is that cynical? Perhaps, but Zynga's track record has proven that we shouldn't hold our breath for a positive outcome here.

Will you turn your Farm Cash into coins in the game's store, or will you keep farming to earn coins the old fashioned way, saving your Farm Cash for other things? Sound off in the comments.