CityVille: Oddities Museum and Lemonade Stand continue our fun in the sun


Looking for something cool to do inside on this blisteringly hot weekend? Why not add a few new decorations to your town in CityVille? Conveniently, Zynga has released two such decorations in the game just this morning, but they'll only be around for a limited time.

The Oddities Museum is a new business that costs 25 City Cash, and requires 140 Goods to operate once you purchase it. It produces 784 coins by default, unless you add some nearby decorations to boost this number - perhaps the Girl Flying Kite decoration which is also now available for 1,000 coins. If 25 City Cash is too high of a price, what about 15 City Cash? That's the price of the new Lemonade Stand, which is unfortunately just a decoration, rather than a business. As is stands, it gives off a 6% bonus to the payout of nearby buildings, but it is (admittedly) rather expensive, considering its function.

Both the Oddities Museum and Lemonade Stand will only be available in the game for four days, so shop fast if you want them.

With all of the summer-themed items released in CityVille over the past few weeks, have you taken advantage and created a large summer boardwalk, park, or beachfront area in your town? Share some of your decorating ideas with other players (and us!) in the comments.