War Commander is Kixeye's next Facebook RTS, keepin' it hardcore

Backyard Monster Kixeye
Backyard Monster Kixeye

Yeah, son! Better believe it. What? Hey, if Kixeye is planning to bring the hardcore to Facebook, you got to start playing the part--nobody likes a bad trash talker. Formerly known as Casual Collective, Inside Social Games reports the creator of Backyard Monsters will release War Commander, the result of developers' Paul Preece and David Scott mission to "get hard" in its Facebook games.

The game is due out sometime this August, and the game is said to play a lot like the classic Command and Conquer series, with players able to select individual and group units--and there will be 27 playable units at launch. This represents the company's mission to present itself as the hardcore developer for Facebook games.

Though, with companies like Kabam saying the exact same thing with games like Kingdoms of Camelot, it looks like the battlefield for War Commander will extend beyond the browser. Now, can Blizzard just bring Starcraft to Facebook already?

Are you psyched to see Facebook get another hardcore RTS? Do you think this emergent genre and fanbase is just a fad, or is this genre set to grow into the official hardcore sector of Facebook? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.