The creator of Mega Man has a Facebook game sans the blue bomber

The Island of Dr. Momo
The Island of Dr. Momo

Wow, what's next, Miyamoto announces a Facebook game? (Wait, no, that'll never happen.) Keiji Inafune, the legendary Japanese game producer and co-designer behind the original Mega Man, has announced his first project since leaving publisher Capcom. He left to make his own studio, Comcept, and The Island of Dr. Momo is the final result.

Set to release in Japan initially through the Gree social mobile games network, Dr. Momo a mysterious character that Touch Arcade reports is a lover of cute stuff, so your mission is to help him gather the cutest animals on Earth for some super-secret, super-cute project. Of course, the game will be supported through micro-transactions like paid currency and digital items. Inafune didn't mention a U.S. release, though we're not going to get our hopes up, and neither should you.

Seriously though, what Japanese (or American) designer can we see head to social games next? Hey, maybe this will be the next battle of the mega designers like the glory days of the SNES and Sega Genesis. If that's the case, social games are headed down a road filled with awesome.

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