Hawaiian Airlines Flash Mob

Hawaiian Airlines is the latest airline to host on-board entertainment that's not an in-flight movie.

Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, a San Francisco-based Hawaiian hula school, performed a traditional Hawaiian dance on a San Francisco to Honolulu flight on July 14.

The airline played the requisite hula music over the plane's speakers as the performers rose from their seats and joined the "flash mob" in performing to "Ke Aloha," a Hawaiian song, followed by "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" (get it?).

This is perhaps the most mellow of all the flash mobs we've seen recently (though that's essentially the point).

Others have simply drawn more attention to themselves while at the airport, from a breakout dance party at Beirut Airport's duty free shopping area, to WORLD ORDER's show of support for post-tsunami Japan, to Air Canada's sponsored Christmas extravaganza at the Vancouver Airport back in December.

Check out the official Hawaiian Airlines flash mob video below, followed by a confused traveler's PDA version.

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