FrontierVille Inn L'Amour Goals: Everything you need to know

Inn L'AmourAs the days creep on toward an eventual release of The Pioneer Trail, more Goals have appeared in FrontierVille to keep us occupied. Zynga has released the Inn L'Amour, a brand new Inn upgrade.

This admittedly interesting new feature allows players to take guests into their Inn to increase the Daily Bonus they receive each day. Hey, don't I know this feature from somewhere? Never mind that (it's CityVille), and let's get on with telling you what you need to do to complete these Goals:

A Clean Well-Lit Inn
  • Start Inn Upgrade
  • Visit 5 Neighbors
  • Collect 15 Room Keys

To start your Inn upgrade, click on the Inn and select "Upgrade." Then, Humble Bob will appear to offer you the upgrade, which initially costs 1,000 Coins and 25 Wood. Then, just go from there. The 15 Room Keys come from your friends through requests. For this, enjoy 250 XP, 1 Grannys Gut Punch and 250 Coins.

Inn Upgrade Goals
Stockin' Up On The Goods
  • Tend 50 Geese on Your Homestead
  • Have or Collect 2 Minty Toothpaste
  • Harvest 100 Fruit Trees on Your Homestead

This one might take awhile, unless you have 50 Geese and 100 Fruit Trees. The cheapest options here are, well, Geese for 330 Coins and Cherry Trees for 620 Coins a piece. The Minty Toothpaste comes from Peppermint Collection. Complete these tasks for 500XP, 1 Fuzzy Blanket and 500 Coins.

Finish the Inn La'MourInn Grand Re-Opening
  • Have or Collect 2 Milk
  • Harvest 50 Sunflowers
  • Collect 10 Guestbook Signatures

Milk obviously comes from the Cow Collection, and harvesting 50 Sunflowers will take a whopping 15, 500 Coins and at least 18 hours if you plant them all at once. The 10 Guestbook Signatures seem to come from friend requests ... again. A sweet 750XP, 1 Fast Hands Boost and 750 Coins await the victor.

Feeling Inn L'Amour Tonight
  • Have 9 Guests Visit Inn L'Amour
  • Collect 2 Inn L'Amour Daily Bonuses
  • Customize the Inn L'Amour

Inviting guests to the Inn, once it's built, is as easy as pressing a button. The Inn takes a max of nine guests, so just fill 'er up. Then, collect the Daily Bonus from the new Inn twice--the more guests in your Inn when you collect, the more and better rewards you'll score.

Inside the Inn
The guest list resets daily, so remember to keep stocked with new guests. Customizing the Inn is as simple as it is with any other building--click it and then "Customize." These simple tasks will reward you with a sweet 1, 000XP, 1 Door Man, 1,000 Coins when met.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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