FarmVille Bug Report: Marans Chicken mastery isn't accurate, or real


Earlier today, we brought you a look at the Marans Chicken, an animal released as part of the current Parisian limited edition item theme in FarmVille. Here's something you may not have noticed though - the Marans Chicken looks like it can be mastered (that is, it has three mastery stars underneath it in the store), but don't get too excited just yet - Zynga has already swooped in and claimed that this is a bug.

Community Manager Grimwell has commented on the issue on the game's official forums, stating that Animal Mastery unfortunately isn't on a slow rollout, and the fact that the Marans Chicken appears to be masterable is "a bug." If you're determined to purchase one of these chickens to stock up on mastery points for the future, Grimwell states that's not such a good idea either, as those points "may not count toward the actual mastery when it's released."

We're told that we can consider this a brief preview of the feature (that is, what the stars will look like in the market), but really nothing else, as Zynga has marked this one as a known issue to stop players from wasting Farm Cash unnecessarily. If you like the chicken just as it is, then by all means go ahead and add one to your collection, but if you're solely in it for the animal mastery, you might want to hold onto your Farm Cash for now.

[Image Credit: Poultry Pages]

Did you notice that the Marans Chicken can be "mastered?" Did you purchase one thinking you could earn the mastery sign before anyone else? Sound off in the comments.

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