CityVille Odd Day Goals: Everything you need to know

Apparently, CityVille's Captain Rusty is an odd fellow, as his quirks have rubbed off into a new "Odd Day" goal series in the game. This four-part series brings in some superstition and even sea monsters, but overall is fairly straightforward (if a bit time consuming). You'll need to complete all manner of tasks in these goals, from collecting from your own businesses to sending off trains and cargo ships. Without further ado, let's jump right into completing these goals so you can do so as quickly as possible.

Odd Day with Rusty

Collect from Aquarium 2 Times
Collect from 30 Businesses
Get 5 Ice Cream Cones

The Ice Cream Cones can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while any 30 businesses can be collected from to complete this task. If you've yet to build an Aquarium in your town, you can check out how to do so in our guide. Finish this first goal, and you'll be rewarded with 300 Goods. We can all use more Goods, right?

Max and the Sea Monster

Collect 10 Shanghai Shipments
Sent 12 Trains
Collect Shipments from 10 Neighbors' Ships

Shanghai shipments take just an hour to arrive, so feel free to send off 12 five-minute trains to quickly complete both tasks in the same amount of time. For finishing this second goal, you'll earn the Bessie in a Pool decorative item, that places, you guessed it, a cartoon-version of the LockNess Monster in a pool as a decoration. It's a 2x2 item that provides a 5% bonus in payout to nearby structures.

Ruth's New Friend

Have 1 Bessie in a Pool
Collect from 40 Residences
Harvest 35 Cranberries

Cranberries take 12 hours to grow. This gives you plenty of time to collect from 40 Homes, if you don't have that many currently in your town and need to wait for some to recharge. Finish off this third goal and you'll receive just 18 XP.

Gone Missing

Collect from Police Station 2 Times
Capture 5 Bandits
Get 12 Handcuffs

What better way to end an "odd day" than by catching some criminals? We all do that in our everyday life, right? Ok, so maybe not, but we sure are now (virtually, anyway). You can find Bandits by simply collecting from your Businesses, but will only be able to actually catch them if you have police officers working (that is, not asleep). Collect donuts to recharge your sleeping cops faster. You'll be rewarded with 800 Goods for completing this final Odd Day goal, which I have to admit is a fairly good prize.

So, was this day really that "odd?" That much will be up to you, but for 1100 free Goods and a new, clever decoration, they could definitely be worse. There doesn't appear to be a time limit on these goals, so feel free to start them (and complete them) at your leisure.

[Goals 2-4 Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these Odd Day goals? Should the tasks required have been more crazy to fit with the theme, or did Zynga do just fine in their design? Sound off in the comments.