CityVille: Save yourself clicks and hover on bonus items instead


An incredibly helpful update has launched in CityVille this afternoon, bringing the game to a point where it arguably should have been to begin with. Now, instead of having to rapidly click on each and every bonus item that appears from collected businesses, crops, cargo ships, etc., you can just hover your mouse pointer over them to automatically collect them.

What's especially great about this feature is the ability to charge your Bonus Meter much more quickly and easily. Instead of stopping every few seconds when collecting from tons of items at once to make sure you're not letting any bonus items - XP stars, coins, goods and collectibles - disappear without clicking on them (and potentially allowing the Bonus Meter to expire in the process), you can now rapidly swing your mouse pointer from left to right, saving yourself clicks and time while still earning all of those bonus coins we've come to appreciate.

Hopefully, CityVille will just be the first of many games to adopt this gameplay feature. Can you imagine what life in FrontierVille would be like if you didn't find yourself overwhelmed with bonus items each and every time you completed an action? What a glorious day that would be.

Are you happy to see the bonus item feature updated in CityVille, or did you appreciate the challenge of rapidly collecting bonus items before they disappeared? What other games would you like to see this ability added to? Sound off in the comments.