CityVille's Love Thy Neighbor feature allows you to request where your friends work


If you've ever wished you could tell your friends exactly where to help when they visit your town in CityVille, now you have the chance. Sure, the Visitor Center was supposed to provide that function by allowing us to leave a message for friends, but let's be realistic: how many friends do you know of that still actively use it... or ever used it? As I was saying, this new Love Thy Neighbor feature will allow you to bypass (arguably useless) buildings and get straight to the point by putting hearts on top of items you wish to highlight for your friends when they visit.

An entirely new button has been added to the tool menu, in the form of a heart labeled as "Get Help." When activated, this tool will allow you to click on items like crop plots, residences and businesses to flag them with a small red heart that your neighbors will see when visiting you. These hearts disappear when the tool isn't active, but rest assured, they are still there in the background (this is a good thing, as you won't have to see your own town cluttered to the brim with bright red hearts). If you change your mind, just click on the flagged item again and the heart will be removed.

To introduce you to this feature, you'll be able to complete the "Love Thy Neighbor" goal, which asks you to place five hearts in your city, along with clicking on ten hearts in your neighbors' cities. You'll receive 100 XP for finishing this goal.

When visiting a neighbor's town that has these hearts active (you'll know if they've placed any as the same red heart will be placed on their picture in your friends bar), you'll just need to take a few more seconds to scan for them and then click on those items as you would normally. In this way, your friends will receive the help they truly desire, and you'll be able to feel better about your visit knowing that you truly helped them out. Sure, clicking on their marked items ultimately isn't mandatory, but if you visit neighbors without a current goal's task in mind, why not give them the help they specifically ask for? I'm sure they'll appreciate it, and hey - they'll likely even return the favor. Everybody wins!

Will you use this help request feature to ask your friends for help in CityVille? Will you specifically look for hearts in your neighbors' towns when visiting, or will you continue to click on anything you'd like? Sound off in the comments.