Cafe World Super Lost Pages Goals: Everything you need to know


Part two of the Grandma's Lost Recipes event in Cafe World will see you completing a Super Lost Pages goals, which coincide with the Grandma's Lost Pages goals we told you about earlier today. As a recap to the event, you'll need to complete both of these goal series within the next two weeks in an effort to receive a new 4X Lightning Stove, up to eight new recipes, and even an exclusive decoration for Grandma. This feature includes a new building project - a Doghouse for Grandma's dog Sally - and a new setup that may change the dishes you're actually required to cook to something randomly chosen from your available dishes.

Now that you're back up to speed, let's jump straight into the Super Lost Pages goals - a five part goal series that is admittedly harder than its predecessor, but apparently worth the difficulty in the end (says Zynga).

Super Lost Pages 1:

Serve 15 French Onion Soups
Spice 8 of Your Own Dishes
Ask for 5 Dusty Recipe Sheets

Note: There appear to be some discrepancies with these tasks. The tasks above are according to Zynga, but in my own game, this first goal replaces the spicing dishes requirement with placing the Doghouse. Keep that in mind.

Super Lost Pages 2:

Serve 20 Angel Food Cakes
Ask for 7 Old Recipe Sheets
Ask for 6 Super Lost Pages

Unlike the "regular" Lost Pages that were required for the Grandma's Lost Pages goals, these "Super" Lost Pages are much more exclusive. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless you have a ton of active friends, you might be slowed down a bit here, as you'll only be able to request additional Super Lost Pages from the same friend once every 36 hours, rather than once every day as normal.

Super Lost Pages 3:

Serve 25 Chashu Ramen
Spice 10 of Your Own Dishes
Ask for 10 Old Recipe Sheets

Fairly self explanatory, just ask your friends for additional Old Recipe Sheets and you'll be able to finish this one off with (hopefully) little difficulty.

Super Lost Pages 4:

Serve 3 Pulled Pork
Serve 30 Chicken Adobo

Ask for 8 more Super Lost Pages

As in past events, you'll need to finish this goal by having 14 Super Lost Pages in total, but will be able to carry over your six from the second goal in this series, leaving you to gather only eight more now.

Super Lost Pages 5:

Serve 3 Dishes with the Pastry Station
Serve 35 Pumpkin Pies
Ask for 12 Old Recipe Sheets

For finishing this goal (and therefore the entire series), you'll receive a mystery prize which we've been told will be one of the eight new dishes you can receive through this goal series. You'll also receive the Grandma's Easy Chair decoration, so that Grandma can have somewhere to rest her tired feet after spending so much time digging through old cookbooks in your cafe.

Again, these goals are repeatable, but only available for a limited time (a little under two weeks). If you're not a fan of either of these goal series, there's also a new themed Catering Order to complete in this event as well, and we'll bring you a guide to finishing it just as soon as we can. Keep checking back chefs!

[Image Credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these Super Lost Pages goals? Are they as difficult as Zynga claims them to be, or do you appreciate any challenge the developer will throw your way? Let us know in the comments.