Cafe World Grandma's Lost Pages Goals: Everything you need to know


Last week, Zynga teased a new "Grandma's Lost Recipes" feature in Cafe World, and also released a Recipe Test Goals series. Now, less than a week later, this entire Grandma's Lost Recipes event has launched, complete with not one, but two goal series (one harder than the last). Whether you appreciate the rapid release of goals in Cafe World or not, the rewards for both of these goal series are fairly good, giving you a chance at a 4X Lighting Stove, eight new dishes, and a themed decorative item that can only currently be earned by completing one of these goal sets.

The first goal series is called Grandma's Lost Pages, and its five parts have actually been setup in a new way. In order to give variety to the goals, each user may need to cook different dishes than those listed below. We've been given examples by Zynga, but the dishes you actually have to cook may be different. We'd hope that the "randomly generated" factor (that is, your required dishes will be pulled from those you are already allowed to cook) will only include dishes with similar cooking times (and the same quantities) so one user doesn't have to cook a five-minute dish, while another is stuck cooking a 24-hour dish or longer, but that unfortunately hasn't been made clear. Again, your goals will likely be different, so we apologize in advance for not being able to tell you exactly what to expect.

One final set of rules: The goals can be repeated, and even come with a new construction project (of questionable design), but the great Recipe Hunt will only be on for around two weeks. If you've been looking for a challenge, here ya go, chefs. That all being said, let's jump into the Grandma's Lost Pages goals, yes?

Grandma's Lost Pages 1:

Place your Doghouse
Serve 5 Belgian Waffles
Ask for 3 Old Recipe Cards

Right off the bat, we're given another project to work on in addition to these goals. Grandma's dog Sally needs a new home, and while a restaurant may not be the best place for a furry animal, you're asked to give Sally a new Doghouse either way. This Doghouse requires six Wood Planks, four Nails, and eight Paint Buckets and Hammers, as seen below. Zynga's explanation for including Sally in this feature is so that Sally can help you more quickly find a 4X Lightning Stove. We're told that by completing the dog house, along with finishing both of these goal series, you're "sure to find [the stove]." I'd surely hope so.

Grandma's Lost Pages 2:

Serve 10 Kung Pao Stir Fry
Spice 5 Neighbor Stoves
Ask for 4 Lost Pages

This one's pretty self explanatory. Regardless of the dish you've been given to cook, make sure to check your Gift Box to see if you have free servings that will speed this one up. In the meantime, you'll need to ask your friends for Lost Pages, just as any other collectible item in the game.

Grandma's Lost Pages 3:

Serve 15 Eggs Benedict
Spice 10 Neighbor Stoves
Ask for 6 Old Recipe Cards

Again, just ask your friends for the Old Recipe Cards and hope that you don't end up with a long cooking-time dish and you'll eventually pass this one.

Grandma's Lost Pages 4:

Serve 2 Pulled Pork
Serve 20 Chocolate Cream Pies

Ask for 7 Lost Pages

It looks like this first cooking requirement will pull only from dishes that you have available to cook on your BBQ Grill, rather than from the rest of your cookbook altogether, but your mileage may vary.

Grandma's Lost Pages 5:

Serve 1 Dish with the Pastry Station
Serve 25 Rackasaurus Ribs
Ask for 10 Old Recipe Cards

If you've yet to complete building the Pastry Station, make sure to check out our complete guide to the feature. Once you complete this final goal, you'll have collected enough pages from Grandma's old cookbooks to receive a new dish. Unfortunately, the identity of this dish is also a mystery, but we do know that there will be a total of eight new dishes available.

Again, this feature does have a time limit, and as of this writing, you have just two weeks to complete both sets of goals, collect all of the new recipes, and earn new stoves from Grandma. Good luck if you decide to tackle this one - it just might be the most difficult event we've seen released yet! Note: For a complete guide to completing the Super Lost Pages goals, check out our guide.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

What do you think of Grandma's Lost Pages goals? Do you think an event as complex as this should have a time limit? Do you like having to cook randomly generated dishes, or would you prefer to know exactly what you're getting into before the goals even load in your cafe? Sound off in the comments.