Breakfast of the Busy: Most Americans Start Their Work Day With...

breakfastDry, buttered or with a side of eggs, 70 percent of Americans fuel their work day with toast, according to a recent survey. And while toast is pretty much a carb rush, at least Americans prefer whole grain bread over white, nut, cinnamon and seeded varieties.

That's according to new research sponsored by I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! spread. The company has come up with a few recipes to make it a healthier and more nourishing way to start the day. After all, if you only eat toast for breakfast, when it comes time for your mid-morning coffee break, you're going to need something more substantial, and then again for lunch. It can lead to a lot of on-the-job nibbling, not to mention lethargy.

Award-winning culinary chef Kristina Vanni suggests making spreads for your toast to amp up the nutritional value, and has come up with several recipes. She says ingredients like oranges, walnuts, honey and a dash of sea salt, or cucumber, red radishes, parsley, chives, salt and pepper. Exotic, yes, but also extremely healthy. Then there's always the good old breakfast sandwich, with eggs and tomato placed between two pieces of toast.

If only we could switch our toast addiction to a grapefruit addiction. Not only does that improve our energy at work, but a recent study found that it promotes increased levels of concentration. Could eating grapefruit for breakfast actually help get you a raise or promotion?

"Eating one grapefruit every day for as little as two weeks can noticeably improve appearance and overall vitality," according to the trial carried out in the U.K. The report from the study, published in the British trade magazine, The Grocer, earlier this month, found that people noticed improvements in their appearance and overall well-being -- including skin, hair and weight, concentration and energy levels, after incorporating one grapefruit into their food intake each day for two weeks.

After doing this, 70.8 of women felt more comfortable with their bodies and noticed a change in their appearance, 58.5 percent lost weight, 81.6 percent did not get hungry as quickly after eating grapefruit, and 70 to 80 percent noticed that their skin and hair improved.

With those kinds of results, who needs toast for breakfast before you go to work. But then again, why not have both toast and grapefruit? That's the diet breakfast that your mothers, and probably your grandmothers, ate on their way out the door. Some classics never go out of style.

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