The Ten Best Airport Bars in the World

"Ladies and gentlemen, the flight from JFK to LAX has been delayed for a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience."Time to hit the bar.

Airports all over the world are improving delayed flyers' experiences by improving their drinking establishments. Frequent flyers no longer find themselves sitting in McDonald's for 3 hours. Instead, they're lounging on the rooftop of Singapore's Terminal 3, drinking Thai beer or playing the oenophile at Frescobaldi's Wine Bar in Rome's Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport.

Travelers routed through Portland take in local microbrews at Laurelwood Public House and Brewery and vacationers in Belize City International Airport hit the sauce in old-fashioned Caribbean style.

Everyone checking in should be eager to check out our favorite airport bars.

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The Ten Best Airport Bars in the World

You can find this outposts of this wine bar — one of the first upscale airport wine bars to hit the states — in a few different airports but the one in Oakland is a favorite. Here you can order a themed wine flight (as it were) of two to three glasses, including a ‘Sommelier Series’ showcasing top-of-the-line wines. Pair wines with a variety of small plates, artisan cheeses, and dry-cured meats from the food menu.

Great Danish beers? Check. A couple rounds of aquavit, the potent favorite national drink? Check. A selection of tasty Scandinavian small plates? Check. Yeah, we're not sure who wouldn't want to get stuck in Copenhagen's airport for a few hours.

No reheated Sbarro pizzas or calzones here. When in Rome, drink wine as the Romans do. Located in three terminals of the Leonardo Di Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Frescobaldi Wine Bar boasts an impressive wine list that would make any oenophile happy to hang out.

You expect to drink great beer in Portland so why not expect to drink great beer at Portland's airport? Forget a flight delays, considering that Laurelwood has been lauded for its fantastic microbrews, you might want to get to the airport early just to make sure you have time to sample enough.

Walking into One Flew South is like walking out of the airport and into the woods. That might have something to so with the enormous forest mural they have spanning one side of the restaurant bar. Their southern-inspired cocktails and award-winning wine list speak for themselves and will be thoroughly enjoyed during a delay or layover.

Given the boom in upscale airport bars and restaurant, it seems only natural that this year witnessed the first inaugural Airport Food and Beverage Awards. Center Bar in Zurich took home the prize for ‘Best Airport Bar’ so not surprisingly it makes our list as well. Stretching from one side of their departure terminal to the other, everyone waiting for their flight can enjoy the libations together.

Sure it's the only bar in the place, but at least it treats its patrons with care. Mr. Jet, the owner, will set up a call from your departure get to make sure you don't miss your flight.

At Singapore Changi Airport there are not one but two terminals you'd be happy to get stuck in. In Terminal 1 you've got the Pool Bar at SIN, where you can take a dip, sip a cocktail, and watch flights take off. And in Terminal 3 you'll find Harry's Bar, a rooftop outpost of the city's popular bar. 

If you've got a few hours to kill in the Denver airport (and don't mind the hike to the end of Terminal B) your destination should be clear and obvious. The brewery's airport outpost is a haven for beer drinkers, with a selection of all the brand favorites on the offer.

Most would probably not peg Houston as being an airport wine bar destination, but this sleek spot has been impressing since it debuted a few years ago in Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport. Peruse and sample from the 80 styles of wine by the glass while you wait to take off.

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