Texas Truck Driver Dumps His Load of Toilet Paper Into River

Think toilet paper really isn't all that absorbent? Think again.

A five-mile stretch of the Lochsa River in Idaho is awash with the stuff after a Texas truck driver wiped out while navigating a tight turn and dumped mega rolls of unprocessed toilet paper into the water, the Missoulian newspaper in neighboring Montana reported.

The rolls normally weigh about 8,000 pounds each, but it's "estimated that once these rolls are waterlogged they weigh about 30,000 pounds apiece," Don Whitney, a state fisheries biologist, told the newspaper.

In total, 24-year-old driver Mahmoud Salameh of Fort Worth dumped eight giant rolls into the river, according to the newspaper.

Salameh was taken to a local hospital and later released. He was ticketed for inattentive driving and failing to purchase a permit to haul the 53-foot trailer that he was towing, The Associated Press reported.

At last report, three rolls remained in the river and state officials were having a difficult time trying to remove them.

"If you can imagine, you take a saturated piece of toilet paper and swash it around in water," Whitney told the Missoulian. "All you have is this big cloud with now hundreds and hundreds of pieces of paper."

Mr. Whipple would not be pleased.

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