Many Federal Jobs Come With a Lifetime Guarantee -- Now That's Job Security

federal jobsIt's not so long ago that many employers offered workers jobs for life, be it IBM, General Motors or General Electric. Today, however, workers are lucky to log more than a few years at a job before moving on -- unless, it seems, they work for the federal government.

Those employed by Uncle Sam have such great job security that they are more likely to die of natural causes than get laid off or fired, according to analysis by USA Today.

The federal government fired about one half of 1 percent of its workforce in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30. That's about 11,700 workers out of a total 2.1 million, and much less than the 3 percent churn that occurs yearly in the private sector.

Death -- not poor job performance, misconduct or layoffs -- is the primary threat to job security at more than a dozen agencies of the federal government, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Small Business Administration and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the newspaper noted.

Federal workers' low departure rates means too many poor performers and those with obsolete skills are being kept on the job, John Sullivan, professor of management at San Francisco State University and an expert on employee turnover, told USA Today.

"Rather than indicating something positive," he says, "rates below 1 percent in the firing and layoff components would indicate a serious management problem."

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