Empires & Allies: Build an Opera House or Mint for a big boost in max population


If you're a higher level Empires & Allies player (say, above level 35), you may currently be disappointed in the lack of content, specifically Government buildings, that are available to you. In an effort to solve that, and give you guys something to look forward to building, today Zynga released the Opera House and Mint to the game's store.

The Opera House can only be built after you're level 35, and adds 750 citizens to your total population limit. It's a big money-earner as well, paying out 3,500 coins each day. The other building, the Mint, is more limited, only be available once you've crossed into level 45. For your efforts in building it (and heck, in hitting level 45 to begin with), you'll be given a boost of 1,000 citizens to your maximum population allowed, and can collect a whopping 6,000 coins from the Mint once each day.

There doesn't appear to be any sort of time limit on how long you'll be allowed to construct these buildings, so don't panic if you're nowhere near their required levels. They'll (in theory) still be there by the time you're ready. In the meantime, why not check out our in-depth Empires & Allies character guide, so you'll have a better grasp on your in-game neighbors as you work your way to those higher levels?

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Are you ready and able to build either of these two Government Buildings in your Empire? What do you think of their payout amounts? Are the profits too low for the amount of space each building takes up? Sound off in the comments.