Empires & Allies is down for the count (for some), Zynga is on the case

Scarlett Empires Allies
Scarlett Empires Allies

No, Empires & Allies isn't down in fear of your reign of terror across the populous. However, according to community manager General Dogsworth, the game is not loading for a small amount of players. While he says that Zynga is working on a solution, but the main issue still has yet to be resolved as of 10:52 a.m. PST, or just under an hour ago as of this writing. Here's Dogsworth--ahem, General Dogsworth's--statement in full:

"LATEST Update 10:52am: There was a brief Amazon server outage this morning which caused additional players to be unable to load their Empires. This has been resolved. Work on the original issue, however, is still in progress. Update 7:20pm PDT: Work on the issue is still in progress! Update 4:34pm PDT: We have isolated the problem, and are actively working to fix it. We will update this post as we know more! A small number of players are currently unable to load their Empire! The game will load to about 90% and then the screen will stall, preventing them from entering the game."

However, the game is working just fine and dandy for me. Then again, Zynga did say the number of people affected is small, but just how small. We want to figure that out, so why don't you answer one of our handy polls:

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