Dexter will cut Facebook into itsy bitsy pieces with his new social game


Michael C. Hall has been slicing bad guys (and sometimes innocent folk) for what's been six seasons of incredible TV--though some of us might be ashamed to admit that, since it's about ritualistic murder and whatnot. But come this September with the launch of Dexter's sixth season on Showtime, fans of the morally ambiguous serial killer can live out their guilty pleasure on Facebook. The game, developed by Mark Ecko Entertainment's Ecko Code studio, is called Dexter: Slice of Life, and it sounds like no Facebook game we've ever heard of.

According to, which had an in-depth preview of the game at this year's Comic-Con in San Francisco, players will become Dexter Morgan and stalk criminals in a real-time stealth feature. You, or Dexter, will have to explore Miami for clues and evidence, and eventually collect special items to complete missions. And since this next season of the game heavily explores spirituality in Dexter's life, so will Slice of Life.

And Mark Ecko Entertainment has experience with the brand, granting us a feeling of confidence for this seemingly unique social game. (Let's just hope it pushes the envelope a bit further than the recent Weeds Facebook game.) The company, with the help of developer Icarus Studios, released Dexter: The Game last year on PC and iOS devices.

"Dexter: The Game is the next step in what we hope will be a long line of Dexter products," said Executive VP of Marc Ecko Entertainment Marc Fernandez. "Every time we release a new Dexter game the fans continue to support us." And, if this game turns out to be as interesting as it sounds, we're sure that love of killing dudes slowly Dexter will thrive.

[Image Credit: Showtime]

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