Cop Gets Demoted for Sexting Informant

The latest public employee to get in trouble for sexting is Payson, Ariz., Police Officer Josh LaManna, who was caught with his pants down, or at least sending photos of himself in that state, to a confidential police informant.

For sending pictures of his privates and salacious messages, LaManna, a married veteran officer, was demoted from a narcotics officer to patrol officer, which included a 10-percent pay cut, according to the Payson Roundup. He also is serving a year on disciplinary probation.

The informant, a 28-year-old resident of the town, would buy drugs and then turn them over to LaManna and his partner. One evening, after giving them the drugs she'd purchased, LaManna patted her down while making inappropriate comments. Afterward, LaManna began sexting her and asking her to call him on his personal cell phone. He sent her photos of his genitals and asked her to send pictures of her breasts, according to a report.

LaManna had been in trouble before: He'd been written up for drinking excessively at a local bar, received a reprimand for requesting time off and then using it to attend a barbecue with a potential informant, and received another write-up for "his lack of understanding the trust of the public, his consumption of alcohol and reports."

Apparently, LaManna is not the only member of the Payson police force who misbehaves. Several months ago another officer, Lt. Donald Garvin, was demoted to sergeant for having affairs with several women whom he came in contact with on the job, including one who was applying for a job on the police force and another who was the wife of a official with the city's Department of Public Safety. Not only was Garvin demoted, but he was instructed to end both relationships, which seem to have been occurring at the same time.

City officials are hoping that publicity and punishment will be enough of a deterrent to keep police officers in line from this point on.

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