CityVille: Influence the future of gameplay by joining the Citizen's Advisory Board


Here's a scenario for you. What would you do if you were given the opportunity to speak directly to Zynga about the things you like (or don't) in CityVille, knowing that they would actually listen to what you had to say? That'd be a pretty good scenario, right? The ability to actually cause change? Few can argue that the game has suffered its fair share of ups and downs, but now, Zynga is looking for a group of dedicated game players that are willing to share their every thought about the game on a new Citizen's Advisory Board, with the hope of improving it.

Think of this as a sort of town-hall meeting. You, along with a group of other players, will be able to discuss your thoughts on as-of-now-unknown topics (best guess would be recently released features, or perhaps those in development), all with the goal of something constructive coming out of each discussion. While Zynga looks to appreciate players' opinions, they do warn that you'll need to be able to listen to counter-arguments and other players' thoughts that will be different from your own without causing a fuss.

This being the case, not every player can be on the Citizen's Advisory Board, and you must first submit a formal application to be considered. You don't need to be a hardcore, I-play-12-hours-everyday kind of player either. So long as you're knowledgeable about what makes CityVille tick, and are willing to share your opinion in a polite way, you can apply. There's no telling how many users will be allowed on this board, or how often these future discussions will take place, but if you've ever wanted to speak your mind and know your voice was being heard (let's face it, there are too many forum posts for each to be read constructively), this is a great opportunity. Hopefully, Zynga will actually use fan reactions to actually improve the game, rather than ignore the fan base entirely as seems to be the case elsewhere...

Will you sign up to be a member of the Citizen's Advisory Board? What sorts of suggestions would you make for Zynga if they ask for your opinions on CityVille? Sound off in the comments.