CityVille Brazil Theme sprouts new Cassava crop, sizzling summer items

CityVille Brazil Theme
CityVille Brazil Theme

Is it getting hot in here? (No, seriously, I haven't turned off the AC in days.) To celebrate the heat rather than curse it, Zynga has released a pretty hefty list of items in CityVille with the brand new Brazil theme.

In addition to a slew of items to spend your siesta poring through, a brand new, limited edition crop known as the Cassava has been released. But first, let's take a look at all those items in the Build menu (There's also a Mystery Crate that, for 35 City Cash, has a chance to offer exclusive items as well.):


Contemporary Condo

  • Cost: 65 City Cash

  • Population: 600 – 850

  • Money: 864 coins per 24 hours

Dawn Duplex

  • Cost: 25,000 coins

  • Population: 150 – 250

  • Money: 60 coins per hour

Brazil Theme Items
Brazil Theme Items

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Community Building

Brazilian Congress

  • Cost: 75 City Cash

  • Population: 2,250

Cassava crop
Brazilian Barge


  • Iguazu Falls: 45 City Cash, +40% bonus

  • Rio Ray Phones: 2,000 coins, +4% bonus

  • Brazilian Flag: 1,000 coins, 1% bonus

  • Portuguese Pavement: 50 coins

  • Brazilian Cloth: 1,000 coins

Brazil Residences
Brazil Residences

While, of course, the coolest-looking items cost City Cash, at least there are a few items for Coins that could give your city that Brazilian flair. As for that Cassava crop, you probably won't be thrilled about its stats. This is a City Cash crop that, for 3 City Cash, will grow instantly and provide 95 Goods.

While mastering this crop will get pricey regardless, at least the amount of harvests it takes are extremely low, only requiring three for Mastery Level 1. And if you're a Mastery nut, remember that it's only here for a limited time.

Which of the new Brazil items is most appealing to you? Have you ever decked out your city using a single theme? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.