Bingo Blitz on Facebook proves that grandma's old game still has some life

While there are already quite a few Bingo games on Facebook, Bingo Blitz can easily take the cake for having the most exciting name. Buffalo Studios claims that Bingo Blitz isn't "your Grandma's Bingo anymore," but while that may not necessarily be true, the game can be played in a fairly frantic manner, depending on how many cards you decide to keep track of at once.

Bingo Blitz may outwardly seem to be fairly complex, but once you learn the rules concerning your two types of currency, the rest falls in line rather quickly. The first, and most important currency are Credits. These Credits allow you to buy cards in each particular Bingo game you wish to play in. You can purchase up to four cards per single game, with each subsequent card being more expensive than the last (for instance, playing just one card costs just one Credit, while the second card costs two Credits, and so on.

While in a game of Bingo, you'll play against other real-world players, with some games having different requirements for which "kinds" of Bingo you're actually going for (four corners, one single line, etc.). As all players have access to numbers at the same time, you fortunately don't really have to panic about others calling Bingo before you, as play continues either way. However, the quicker you call Bingo, the better prizes you'd be eligible to win (including Credits, allowing you to purchase more Bingo cards and continue to play). It should be noted that there are only so many bonus prizes available, so if you don't claim a Bingo before those bonuses are gone, you'll just finish the game with the points accumulated from simply marking off numbers.

Marking off numbers also gives you a chance to earn Coins, the game's other currency. These Coins can be used to purchase collectible items. Completing collections automatically (and permanently) increases your Daily Credit Bonus each day you login to the game, so that you'll always be able to jump into at least a few games before running out again.

Adding more customization to the game is the ability to use Power-Ups while playing, with these Power-Ups marking off random numbers, placing treasure chests on the card (chests often contain collectibles, for one), adding bonus Coins to numbers and so on. You can also play a slot machine daily for prizes, and can even purchase a Custom Dauber, so that your marked numbers have a different pattern or color over the standard circle.


For all of its additional features, Bingo Blitz ultimately does play like your average game of Bingo, with you staring at a screen simply waiting to get lucky. While you can invite friends to join your Bingo team, there's no saying that another friend will actually be playing when you're also online. Still, the game is highly polished, comes with a real voice calling out the numbers so you can multi-task while playing, and has enough monthly active players (over one million) to currently guarantee that you'd never lack for competitors, regardless of when you choose to play.

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