Stone Age Fireplace Discovered on Sainsbury Retail Site

ell brown/Flickr

The UK retail chain Sainsbury's has discovered one of the hassles of operating in Scotland, where a Stone Age fireplace has been discovered on the proposed site for a new store and gas station.

The construction of a modern stop for travelers has been delayed so that the ancient stop for travelers can be properly documented.

The BBC reports that Sainsbury's will begin building and installing its customary freezers full of prawn sandwiches only after archeologists have investigated the site.

According to a plan released by Headland Archaeology, which will take responsibility for the dig at the Balmakeith Industrial Estate in Nairn, there are a number of hearths at the site not only from the Mesolithic period, but also from the Bronze Age.

Reuters notes that during this time period, Britain was full of nomadic hunter-gatherers who traveled in packs across land. It's possible, therefore, that this site was a resting stop for those ancient travelers.

For all the inconvenience of finding important archeological sites where supermarkets are supposed to be, the Scottish have benefited from their ancient heritage: Many of the country's most interesting attractions are from the end of the Stone and Bronze Ages, including the Standing Stones of Callanish and the Orkney settlement of Skara Brae.

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