Is Galaxy of Wonder Playdom's next Facebook game?

Galaxy of Wonder
Galaxy of Wonder

It looks like City of Wonder is headed for the stars. Playdom recently posted a teaser trailer to YouTube that revealed the first glimpse (and by glimpse we mean a 13-second long video clip with a logo) of Galaxy of Wonder. Aside from an official logo that cleverly throws a spaceship in replace of an "A"--and the famous words of Neil Armstrong when he step foot on the moon exactly 42 years ago--all we know about this project is that it's "coming soon."

Is it an expansion to its strategy game City of Wonder a' la FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail, or is this a new game entirely? I guess we'll find out "soon" enough. In the meantime, go on and spend the 13 seconds it takes to learn all there is to know about Galaxy of Wonder ... so far.

Are you excited about what looks to be a space-age strategy game? What do you hope Playdom will do differently with Galaxy of Wonder than it did City of Wonder? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.