House of the Day: Call Veep Joe Biden a Neighbor

You'd think that living in a neighborhood of stately mansions in the nation's capital, alongside ambassadors and other political leaders, would guarantee some peace and quiet. But sometimes not so much. Not that your neighbor, Vice President Biden, is particularly noisy -- but the security measures that accompany his arrivals and departures -- by helicopter or in a cavalcade of official cars with sirens wailing -- sometimes can be. That's when, deadpans Realtor Greg Gaddy, "You say, 'Okay, he's home. He's safe and at home."

Tucked away between two of D.C.'s busiest thoroughfares, Connecticut Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue, this $7,495,000 D.C. home emanates courtly prestige from its Tudor-style exterior, but gleams with modern elegance indoors. Behind an exterior of 17-inch stone walls stitched with timber and brick, ebony-stained floors sweep through contemporary styled rooms which include a library, breakfast room, great room, executive kitchen with butler's pantry, gymnasium, wine cellar and au pair room.

Its present owner, R. Donahue Peebles, knows something about real estate and good location: He's the chairman and CEO of the largest African American real estate development company, The Peebles Corporation. Last year the millionaire even mulled a possible mayoral run. Now, says Gaddy, who has the listing for Sotheby's International Realty, Peebles will be spending his time in Miami, where most of his family resides.

With a wide-spanning outdoor terrace staring across a manicured lawn at the property's canopy, Peebles' home is geared towards large-scale entertainment. And sometimes the entertainment for those gatherings can be the return of our endearingly gaffe-prone vicey.

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House of the Day: Call Veep Joe Biden a Neighbor

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