Facebook gets its own World of Warcraft with Order & Chaos Online

Order & Chaos OnlineDon't feel like paying up 15 clams a month to play the most popular MMO out there? Well, French mobile game developer Gameloft wants to bring Facebook gamers the next best thing with Order & Chaos Online. Pocket Gamer reports that the popular iPhone and Android MMORPG (massivley mutliplayer role-playing game) will be headed to Facebook, though specifics--like a release date--have not been announced.

However, what we do know about Gameloft's answer to WoW on Facebook, revealed on Gameloft's video podcast, is that it will keep the tradition of killin' monsters and collectin' sweet loot alive. Only this time, it will be even easier to connect with your friends through Facebook features that will be adapted specifically for this version of the game. (Though, keep in mind that traditional 3D RPGs haven't exactly set Facebook on fire yet.)

Order & Chaos Online Facebook
According to Pocket Gamer, the game will have even more updates like new quests, armor sets and more. Unfortunately, it's unknown whether Facebookers will be able to adventure with their mobile counterparts. But since that would only make sense--and would be really darn cool--we're keeping our gauntlet-laden fingers crossed.

[Image Credit: Pocket Gamer]

Are you psyched to see a traditional online RPG headed to Facebook? How do you think this game will do on the platform, considering how the genre has done around here prior? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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