FarmVille Parisian Items: Chinese Tamarisk Tree, Rouen Duck, Arc de Triomphe and more


In an unusual Tuesday night update, Zynga released another set of items in the Parisian limited edition item theme in FarmVille. There are new trees, animals, buildings, decorations and even an avatar item here to choose from, so I hope you've been saving some coins or Farm Cash for a little shopping spree. Here's a look at what's available:


French Tamarisk Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Chinese Tamarisk Tree - 10 Farm Cash

As you'd expect, you can skip purchasing the Chinese Tamarisk, as you'll be able to earn one through Mystery Seedlings if you're lucky.


French Percheron (horse) - 28 Farm Cash
Rouen Duck - 18 Farm Cash

Not to be confused with the basic Percheron Horse, this French Percheron is a different animal, with different coloring. It can produce a French Percheron Foal when placed in a Horse Stable with a Stallion.


Arc de Triomphe - 35 Farm Cash
French Bakery - 30 Farm Cash


Ornament Bridge - 20 Farm Cash
French Air Balloon - 10 Farm Cash
Bread Cart - 4,000 coins

If the Bread Cart looks familiar to you, you're not seeing things, as it was released previously in the French Chateau event for the same price as now.

Avatar Clothing:

Beret - 2 Farm Cash

All of these items have a 13 day expiration date, so while you're not incredibly rushed to purchase them, make sure you that you do browse through them sooner rather than later, so as to avoid forgetting altogether.

Which of these Parisian-themed items are you looking to add to your farm? Do you have any decorating tips for your fellow farmers on how to arrange these items into a lovely French-themed area? Share them with us in the comments!