FarmVille Bug Report: Crops locked to Home farm, English Countryside

FarmVille Sad Cow
FarmVille Sad Cow

It looks like things are back to the way they used to be ... for now, at least. Zynga reports that, since late yesterday, crops have been locked to their respective farms in FarmVille, meaning players can no longer plant Home Farm crops on their English Countryside farms and vise versa.

You know, the very ability players worked for in the final Goals of this expansion? Luckily, according to Zynga community manager Grimwell, the team is on the case:

"Description: After our most recent update, players can no longer benefit from the earned ability to plant crops on either farm. Home Farm crops are locked to the Home Farm and English Countryside crops are locked to the English Countryside. Update: Greenhouse seeds are no longer visible while on the English Countryside. This is believed to be related to the same bug causing crops to lock and has been added to our investigation.Status: This issue has been confirmed by the FarmVille development team and we are investigating the cause so we can work on a solution."

Unfortunately, this is all we know at this point. And Zynga doesn't exactly have a workaround for the bug, asking players to go about their daily business, planting crops as they're available on the English and Home farms. Until then, just plant more crops? (I got nothin'.)

Have you experienced this bug in your game since it sprouted up? What do you plan to do until it's fixed? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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