FarmVille 2X Mastery Statues double your stats, for a price


If you're into collecting Mastery Signs in FarmVille, but don't like waiting for your trees and crops to master slowly over time, you can now cut the process in half at any time by purchasing a new 2X Mastery Statue from the market. There's a catch though - these 2X Mastery Statues cost Farm Cash, and their effect isn't permanent.

Both of those are two pretty big strikes, but here's the finer details. A single statue costs 25 Farm Cash, and while you'll be able to earn double the mastery points on all trees and crops harvested after placing it, the effect only lasts for two days. Mind you - that's 12.5 Farm Cash per day for the double mastery boost. Is that worth it? That will ultimately be left up to each individual farmer, but with no option to purchase and send one of these to friends, you'll have to look inside yourself to make the splurge.

Personally, I'd never purchase Double Mastery, especially if it's temporary. You can buy so many trees, or even limited edition crop permits with that 25 Farm Cash that you're saving, so why waste it on something that won't last? Is that not the point? Am I not seeing the grand scope of things here? Enlighten me, farmers. Are these statues a good purchase?

Well, are they? Will you purchase a 2X Mastery Statue to finish off crops and trees more quickly? Would you purchase one if they cost less, but still went for Farm Cash? What's the ideal price for something like that? Sound off in the comments.