Like cutesy birds? How about ropes? Then you'll love Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue
Rope Rescue

How do you best the crazy success of two of your most beloved iOS games? Make one game to rule them all! At least that's what seems to be EA and Chillingo's idea behind Rope Rescue. This upcoming game for iOS devices is set to release "soon," according to video posted by Kotaku's Brian Crecente (found below).

The game was spotted at an EA fall preview event, and it challenges players with--using a rope attached to one bird across pulleys and avoiding obstacles--freeing a slew of caged birds. Hmm, colorful, animated birds guiding ropes that are in danger of being cut?

That sounds as if Chillingo and EA are looking to hook Angry Birds and Cut the Rope (you know, the two astronomical iPhone games?) fans--though, that could entirely coincidental. In the duo's defense, neither are these birds "angry" nor is the goal of the game to "cut the rope." (In fact, your mission is to keep the rope intact amidst floating knives, bursts of flame and other threats.)

There looks to be around 60 levels that will be ready at launch, which will grow in complexity as you progress. And as you rescue more birds, they will be featured in a bird sanctuary of sorts. It also displays secret butterflies, should you manage to find them in each level. No official release date or price was announced during the event, but Kotaku seems to think we'll be seeing the game this September. Stay tuned, folks: This might be the next Angry Birds ... or should I say Cut the Rope? Oh, whatever.

[Image Credit: Modojo]

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