Pet Society Vacation dives into iOS in New Zealand, US release coming

Pet Society VacationAnd there's no scuba gear required. EA and Playfish have launched the iOS version of their Facebook hit, Pet Society, on the New Zealand App Store. According to Pocket Gamer, the game--titled Pet Society Vacation--should hit the UK App Store around midnight. Of course, this should mean that a U.S. release will follow soon after.

And based on our early impressions of the game from this year's E3 (well, more like additional information), color us excited. The game will be connected to your Facebook, but only so far as your main pet's appearance and level. Other than that, this is a brand new adventure for your pet that will involve it relaxing in a house boat on the coast of a tropical island.

While your items and currency won't carry over to this version of Pet Society, your mobile pet will be able to earn items and other rewards to use in your Facebook home. Better yet, players can take their pet scuba diving for extra coins and rewards like decorations. In other words, this will be your Pet Society away from ... Pet Society, or something like that. Keep your eyes glued to the App Store--you better bet we are.

Pet Society scuba dave

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