CivWorld's connection issues are through, have 5 CivBucks for your troubles


The troubles are finally over. (No, not The Troubles, those have been through with for years, thank heaven.) It seems that Civilization fans everywhere can finally connect to 2K Games and Firaxis' ambitious Facebook version of its iconic strategy game, CivWorld. And to reign in a new era free of connection errors and slow game speeds, the CivWorld team has a little gift for its patient fans.

2K Games community manager 2K Greg posted today on the CivWorld forums that, for all the trouble they experienced during the game's launch, players would receive a free 5 CivBucks. This is the game's paid currency, which would normally be worth about 5 Facebook Credits, or about $.50. Yup, 50 cents. Half of one dollar--you get the idea. Which, in turn, will net players an extra 500 Gold to play around with.

Now that the game is (and likely has been) back online for a little while, the game has launched from some 17 thousand players before to a comfortable 366 thousand monthly players. However, if 2K Games and Firaxis want CivWorld to live up to its massive expectations (and fill the gargantuan shoes of its predecessor, Civilization 5), there's much work to be done.

Are you back into CivWorld now that the game is over its connection and loading issues? Do you plan on sticking around, or moving on to another Facebook strategy game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.