Paramedics Make Heart-Felt Detour to Take Patient to His Son's Ballgame

One of the many things that Jim Orr, of Camus, Wash., had to give up when he was diagnosed with advanced melanoma was coaching his son's little league team. He stuck with it as long as he could during treatment, but hadn't been able to attend a game since June.

Orr was discussing this with paramedics as they were transporting him in an ambulance to his next bout of radiation therapy, when they got an idea. Paramedics Della Bornman and Dan Carlton decided to secretly arrange to swing by the ballpark where his son was playing, and surprise everyone with a visit, according to KATU in Camus.

"We thought it would be a great experience for Jim, maybe a healing experience for him, give him a little more motivation," Bornman told a KATU reporter. She and Carlton rolled Orr on a gurney up to the backstop, where he could watch part of the game.

Sure enough, spirits were lifted -- not just Orr's but the entire team's and the community's in general. Orr's son, who was playing that day and had no idea his father would show up, was especially elated. He ran up to his dad, gave him a big hug, and started crying tears of joy. There wasn't a dry eye on the field.

Orr is still in treatment, and the Little League season is continuing in his absence. The paramedics went above and beyond the call of duty to bring Orr, his family and his team a little extra happiness. If you would like to do the same, you can stop into any Columbia Credit Union and make a deposit to the Jim Orr account. You may be able to help him live on to play another inning.

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