FrontierVille goes wild with three new premium animals

To help celebrate the launch of the Animal Hospital upgrade in FrontierVille, Zynga has released three new wild animals in the game's store. Two are truly wild, just as they are, while the third is wild simply because of the way it's dressed (yes, we're talking about animals wearing clothing, so brace yourself). These three animals are the Ocelot Cub, Albino Gator and Dr. Cluck. Both the Ocelot Cub and Albino Gator are fairly self explanatory, costing 50 Horseshoes each, while the Dr. Cluck item here takes the cake in terms of unusual animals being released in the game's store.

This Chicken comes complete with jacket, bow tie, wild gray hair and even a mustache. Its outlandish appearance is backed up by an even more extreme price tag of 80 Horseshoes. As all of these animals truly are animals, they can all be fed (giving you a few coins in return), and once grown into an adult, they can presumably all be stored. Let's be realistic now though. If you paid either 50 or 80 Horseshoes for an item, would you really want to store it out of site? If you're like me, the answer would definitely be "no." Why not place these animals front and center on your Homestead, showing them off for all of your friends to see?

If you'd like to get your hands on one of these items, you're in luck, as there's no time limit currently posted with them as to when (if ever) they'd expire from the store. This gives you plenty of time to stockpile Horseshoes for an eventual purchase, if you don't have enough to do so right now. One final thing to note is that you can actually receive a Dr. Cluck for free by completing all four of the new Livestock Vet Badges, if you needed more incentive to do so. Free premium animals couldn't hurt, right?

Will you splurge on any of these new animals? Which of the three is your favorite? Sound off in the comments.
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