FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: Use Coins, Decorations to level up fast

FrontierVille XP
FrontierVille XP

Leveling up in FrontierVille can be a drag, especially in the later stages of the game. Going about your daily Goals and other chores, it could take months to jump from one level to the next. But there is a way to give your experience a hefty boost, but it takes quite a bit of Coin to do it. That said, we only recommend this strategy to veteran players looking to inch towards the max level that much faster.

Decorations, while pretty additions to your Homestead and blah, blah, blah, have the added bonus of providing players with XP upon purchase. In fact, there are a few decorations that give up quite the nice chunk of XP. Here are three decorations that, if bought in bulk, could send you soaring to triple-digit levels and beyond in no time:

Silver Carriage:

  • Cost: 475,000 Coins

  • Experience: 5000 XP

  • Sell Value: 100,000 Coins

  • 1 XP = 75 Coins

Silver Carriage
Flowery Can


  • Cost: 38,000 Coins

  • Experience: 400 XP

  • Sell Value: 8,000 Coins

  • 1 XP = 75 Coins

Flowery Can:

  • Cost: 9,500 Coins

  • Experience: 95 XP

  • Sell Value: 5,000 Coins

  • 1 XP = 47.3 Coins

These three decorations are all ideal for boosting your XP, but by far the Flowery Can is most efficient when it comes to XP per Coins. However, that amounts to quite a bit of mouse clicks. If you're up for the click-fest, buying 16,842 Flowery Pots could get you from Level 99 to Level 100, for instance. But that would cost 160 million Coins. Hey, we did say this strategy is for veteran players. Either way, give it a shot to send you over the fence from one level to another.

[Source and Image Credit: CE Gamers]

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