FrontierVille Animal Hospital: Everything you need to know


Last week, we brought you a brief sneak peek of the upcoming Doctor's Office upgrade in FrontierVille, that we knew would be coming this week. Well, guess what? The feature has started rolling out to pioneers, and it's actually a lot more helpful than we thought! Of course, you'll have to complete a few steps to turn your Doctor's Office into an Animal Hospital, but you can only begin to do so if you are at least level 24.

To start the process of upgrading from a Doctor's Office to an Animal Hospital, you'll need to spend 500 coins to literally purchase the ability to do so. From there, you'll need to collect a new set of building materials: 15 each of Chew Toys, Animal Kennels and Animal Pillows, and 10 each of Stethoscopes, Hypodermic Needles and Medical Scales. The first trio are earned through individual requests, while the latter three are acquired through general wall posts asking all of your friends to help at once.

Once you have completely upgraded to the Animal Hospital, you'll find that you can now store all adult Injured Critters (that is, those that have been completely healed), along with adult Mystery Animals, up to a limit of 1,000. While most of these Mystery Animals aren't marked as their current age state, we've been told to simply feed each animal four of five times until the game registers that it can be stored, because it's an adult. Interestingly, if you're an animal collector or just wish to purchase a Mystery Animal that you've missed in the past, the Animal Hospital's menu will allow you to see shadows of the missing animals in your collection, and will allow you to purchase them for Horseshoes (each costs a lot of Horseshoes, so don't get too excited).

In addition to this, there's a whole new goal series to complete, involving both the Doc and Granny, and we'll make sure to bring you a guide of those goals just as soon as we can you can check out a complete guide to finishing them right here. Keep checking back!

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Have you received the Animal Hospital upgrade on your land? What do you think of the ability to store both injured and mystery animals in your Animal Hospital? What will you do with all of the land this frees up when you store animals? Sound off in the comments.