FrontierVille Animal Hospital Goals: Everything you need to know


Along with the new ability to upgrade your Doctor's Office to an Animal Hospital (that can store Mystery and Injured Animals) in FrontierVille comes the launch of a four-part goal series that will see you not only completing the upgrade on your Doctor's Office, but also saying farewell to a few of your animals, among other tasks.

Remember, these goals are on a slow roll-out, so don't panic if you don't have them on your game yet. There are also a few cutscenes to expect here too, so keep your eye out for them to see more of the game's story unfold. Without further ado, let's get started on the goal guide, yes?

What's Up, Doc?

Collect one General Store Daily Bonus
Collect one Daily Barn Bonus
Tend 20 Neighbor Animals

What, would you look at that? A goal that's actually incredibly easy. So long as you haven't already collected all of your buildings' bonuses when you receive these goals, you can finish this first goal in a matter of minutes. You'll receive fairly good rewards as well, in the form of 400 XP, 400 coins and 2 Critter Milk.

Granny Gets to Work

Rehabilitate 2 Injured Animals
Place 10 Animals in the Animal Hospital
Collect 10 Animal Anatomy Books

As you can see, this goal will require you to have finished the upgrading process on the Animal Hospital, and you can find a complete guide to doing so right here. Once you've finished healing any two injured animals, make sure to hold onto them (unless you have an overabundance of animals already, as you'll be required to sell some critters later). Finishing this second goal gives you 600 XP, 600 coins and a Dr. Cluck Statue, a new decorative item for your land.

Getting In Shape

Clobber 5 Varmints
Have or Collect 10 Critter Milk
Harvest 50 Peppermint

Luckily, it doesn't matter which varmint you clobber, so long as you do so five times. Meanwhile, you can ask your friends for any Critter Milk you may not already have on hand. Finish this goal and you'll be rewarded fairly well with 800 XP, 800 coins and a Spring Bear Cub.

Off to a Better Place

Collect 3 Animal Hospital Bonuses
Collect 15 Anesthesia
Sell 5 Rehabilitated Animals

See? I warned you. You'll have to sell five formerly injured critters to pass this one, which is where the two injured animals you cared for earlier (and even the Spring Bear Cub from the last goal) will likely help you out. It doesn't seem to matter which kinds of animals you sell, so just sell something you're tired of seeing (or that you know you can replace) and call this one good. Finishing this goal not only wraps up the entire goal series, but also rewards you handsomely with 1,000 XP, 1,000 coins and a Brown Alpaca, which can be stored right back in the Animal Hospital - how convenient.

All told, these goals don't see too complicated, and with the new Animal Hospital feature allowing us to free up so much space on our land, I'll gladly complete them to celebrate the fact that I won't have dozens of animals cluttering up my land any longer. Will you?

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Well, will you? What do you think of these Animal Hospital goals? Were you expecting more of a challenge, or is the difficulty level here just right? Sound off in the comments.